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Small Bike Box


Our Road Bike Box is the ideal travel case to bring your bike safely to any destination in the world  – not once but over and over again.
It is made from 100% waterproof Polypropylene sheeting (1200gram/square meter) which makes this box durable and resilient and keeps your bike safe during air travel.

The box has half the weight of an average hardcover Bike Box!  The box weighs a mere 5 kg and when folded it uses uses 80% LESS storage space than other Bike Cases. So when you are not travelling with your bike – you can fold the Box into a convenient package that can be even stored below your bed!

Bike Guards – Special Bike Protection Inners to protect all the vital parts of your bike during transport! (different shapes for MTB and RoadBikes)
The very practical “Box-in-the-Box” for your bike accessories.
Cable Ties to secure the box.



Ideal for small to medium frame Road Bikes & TriBikes
Dimensions assembled: 120cm x 78cm x 25cm
Dimensions disassembled for storage: 76cm x 78cm x 7cm




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